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NOT GUILTY VERDICT :  MY AZ LAWYERS Attorney Anthony Ramirez represented the rights of Damion Williams and produced a defense that freed the Jamaican Man.


Are We Responsible For What’s Going On in Our Friend’s Homes?

In the video above:  Man freed after being arrested at home raided by law enforcement. * My AZ Lawyers attorney Anthony Ramirez defends Damion Williams in trial and gets a not guilty verdict.  Damion Williams was in jail for more than a year working to prove his innocence.


In the video above:  Man freed after being arrested at home raided by law enforcement* *My AZ Lawyers client Damion Williams receives a not guilty verdict from a jury after spending over a year in an Arizona jail accused of a drug crime in Phoenix.

Damion Williams: A Not guilty Verdict Frees a Jamaican Man Arrested in Drug Raid Almost One Year Ago***

Damion Williams, a Jamaican national, visited Phoenix for a vacation more than a year ago.  Then, he claimed he was caught up in a drug crime of which he had no knowledge.  When Williams arrived in Phoenix, he went to a friend’s house to spend the night. According to police, that friend had a significant amount of marijuana in a closet.

Williams stated he was sleeping on the couch when the SWAT team stormed in the house. A search warrant and SWAT raid uncovered 60 pounds of marijuana.  Williams was in the house during this raid and was arrested.  Williams said he spent more than 420 days behind bars waiting for a trial to prove his innocence.  “In Arizona, there is a law – it’s the mere presence defense,” Williams’ lawyer Anthony Ramirez with My AZ Lawyers explained.  “And he literally was just in the home without any knowledge of what was going on.”

Williams experienced his first day of freedom after winning a not guilty verdict in court.  An ABC15 reporter asked My AZ Lawyers Attorney Ramirez is there was anything anyone can do to prevent a similar situation from happening to them. Ramirez said, unfortunately not really.  He said, you cannot really be expected to check through your friend’s house before hanging out.  His best advice: just make sure you have better friends.

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**ABC15 Arizona.  “Man freed after being arrested at home raided by law enforcement.”  Online video clip.  YouTube.  Youtube, 8 July 2017.  Web. 9 July 2017.

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Above:  ABC15 Arizona news broadcast. “Family Questions Surprise Police Shooting.” * My AZ Lawyers Anthony Ramirez is representing the family of Derek Adame.

Family Fights Back After a Surprise, Arizona police shooting killed Derek Adame **

Because of new police body camera footage, a police shooting from last year in Surprise, Arizona is resurfacing.  The body camera shows what happened in the shooting incident on November 26, 2016.  In this incident in November, police were called after receiving reports about a suspicious car.  When Surprise police arrived, they said Derek Adame (20), became combative and tried to drive away. According to the police report, the officer claimed he was dragged before he fired shots at Adame.

What the body camera shows, is two officers surrounding Adame’s car, and officers are confirming the license plate is indicating the car is stolen. One officer approaches Adame’s passenger side door and orders him to put his hands up.  Then, the officer gets into the car and shots can be heard seconds later.  The car Adame is driving drags the officer for a short time and then crashes into a truck.  The body cam footage shows the officer going into the car and then car rolling before shots were heard.

The family of Derek Adame is claiming the video proves negligence by the officer, and possibly excessive force.  Adam’s family have filed a notice of claim agains the City of Surprise and the officer.  Due to the on-going investigation into the shooting, Surprise police would not make any comments.

*ABC15 Arizona.  “Family Files Lawsuit After Man Killed in Surprise Police Shooting.”  Online video clip.  YouTube.  Youtube, 9 June 2017.  Web.  10 June 2017.

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An Arizona Vacation Turns Into An Extended Jail Stay For Man from Jamaica


 Above:  a news broadcast by ABC 15 News featuring a My AZ Lawyer’s case*.  Below:  an article about the case.**

*ABC15 Arizona.  “Arizona Vacation Turns Into Extended Jail Stay For Jamaican Man.”  Online video clip.  YouTube.  Youtube, 2 May 2017.  Web.  3 May 2017.

Arizona Vacation Turns Into Extended Jail Stay For Jamaican Man

Jamaican national Damion Williams, who has been in jail for nearly a year, says he was just visiting Arizona on a short vacation, then got swept up in a mess.  In May, 2016, Williams flew into Sky Harbor airport to visit a friend.  When Williams was at the friend’s home in phoenix, a SWAT team came in on a raid. Detectives believed that Curtis Lauderdale Jr. and Nickie Campbell displayed behavior similar to that of drug trafficking organizations, so a search warrant was issued and the south Phoenix residence was raided.  The raid came up with 60 pounds of marijuana found in a closet.  Williams, the house guest from Jamaica, was sleeping in the home at the time of the raid, and was arrested in the process.  Williams, still in jail, is fighting for his freedom.  Anthony Ramirez, attorney at My AZ Lawyers, is Williams’ attorney.  “His presence is all that there is. Mr. Williams did not have dominion and control over the house, or anything elicit,” commented the attorney about the case. Mr. Ramirez says if the police can prove you have knowledge and control over something illegal in someone else’s home, you could get locked up.  Williams is waiting for a court date as he sits in jail away from his family.*

**Bartels, Joe.  “Arizona Vacation Turns Into Extended Jail Stay For Jamaican Man.”  ABC15, 2 May 2017.  Web.  2 May 2017.

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Video above:  Attorney Anthony Ramirez is helping Damion Williams get home to his family as soon as possible. Damion Williams is wrongfully being accused of a crime he did not commit in Arizona.  After doing time for a year for a crime that he did not commit, Damion is counting the days to go home.  If you are wrongfully accused of a crime that you did not commit, contact the criminal defense attorneys at My AZ Lawyers in Mesa.

Police overreach has to be fought at every step. At MY AZ Lawyers, we often represent persons who have suffered as a result of officers overstepping the bounds of their authority, and acting in an inflammatory manner, escalating situations that should have never occurred in the first place.  As a community, we can help moderate their bad behavior by standing up misconduct in a court of law, and vigorously insisting our right be respected.  Anthony Knierem, a Mesa Arizona resident, was recently the victim of a brutal police overreaction, with absolutely no justification.  Knierim refused to opened the door, since the police did not have a warrant, had not been called to his residence, and had no probable cause.  The police moved quickly to knock down the door, and immediately ordered Knierim to the ground.  He went from quietly enjoying a movie with his girlfriend in the privacy of his home to being shot with bean bags rounds and tased, bleeding, all for lawfully refusing entry to officers with no legal right to enter.


Arizona Man Claims His Rights Were Violated by Mesa Police in a Confrontation

In the news video* above:  Man claims rights were violated during confrontation with Mesa Police**

In Mesa, Arizona, police were called to an apartment.  A neighbor reported an incident involving domestic violence on Jan.8, 2017.  Police reports state that the officers responded to the Sage Apartments around 8 p.m. (Southern and Dobson, Mesa).  When officers heard voices and sounds coming for an adjoining apartment (not the one they were originally called there for), they began investigating.

The police saw several people inside the apartment and tried to get them to answer the door.  The officer talks to a male for several minutes and attempt to get inside of the apartment.  With body cameras recording, the police told the man they needed to check on the safety of a woman.

Police supervisors arrived after several mixtures and tired to get the man to answer the door, but the man refused.  After tensions escalated, the Mesa Police got a battering ram.

Anthony Knierim, opened the door.  A body camera video shows police ordering him to the ground.  Knierim did not comply immediately with officers.  He was shot with several less-lethal bean bag rounds and Tased at least three times.  Knierim says he was bruised and bloodied from the Taser and the bean bag gun.

According to Knierim, he was with his girlfriend and two friends watching TV when police shoed up at his door. Knierim said, “At the time they showed up, I just assumed they were there because my movie was up loud.”  Knierim did not want police inside his home without a warrant, as he knew his rights, but police claim they had “exigent” circumstances that prompted them to need to check the apartment right away for a possibly injured woman.

Police, by law, may enter a home without a warrant if they believe a person is in imminent danger.

Former police officer, now attorney for My AZ Lawyers, Anthony Ramirez is representing Knierim. Ramirez plans to file a notice of claim against the police for a civil rights violation.  The Mesa Police Department have launched an internal affairs investigation, and cannot comment on what happened until that investigation is over.

*ABC15 Arizona.  “Body Cam Video Released in Chaotic Confrontation.”  Online video clip.  12 April 2017.  Web.  8 May 2017. 

**Bartels, Joe.  “Man claims rights were violated during confrontation with Mesa Police.”  ABC15, 12 April 2017.  Web.  8 May 2017.


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Above:  ABC 15 Arizona news broadcast * reports about a incident where an Arizona man represented  by My AZ Lawyers claims police brutality.  Below:  ABC News Article.

*ABC15 Arizona.  “Mesa Man Claims Police Brutality, Files Lawsuit Against City.”  Online video clip.  YouTube.  Youtube, 28 Dec, 2016.  Web.  3 May 2017. 

Arizona Man Claims Police Brutality After Body Camera Captures Officer Pushing Him to Ground*

An incident that happened on August 14 has a man accusing a local law enforcement agency of police brutality.  Some of the incident was captured on police body cameras.  According to the police records, Joshua Dombrowski, 31, was arrested on charges of using physical force in resisting arrest, operating a bicycle emerging from an alley or driveway, and failing to obey a police officer.

Dombrowski was riding his bike on the sidewalk in Mesa.  The police report says Dombrowski forced two pedestrians to move off the sidewalk in order to make room for him.  The officer yelled to Dombrowski, “stop.” Then Dombrowski looked at the officer and continued riding.  The police report states Dombrowski refused to obey verbal commands, and continued riding at a higher rate of speed.  Also, The officer caught up to Dombrowski, and told him to sit on the ground. Instead, according to the report, the man got off his bike and advanced toward the officer.  The officer performed an impact push and Dombrowski tipped over backwards over his bike.  The officer claims Dombrowski refused to put his hands behind his back and surrender as ordered.  As additional officers arrived on the scene to assist, the man continued to struggle.  A Taser was used multiple times before the officers were able to get Dombrowski in handcuffs. Dombrowski was also placed in restraints to restrict his movement, and finally arrested and transported to Desert Banner Hospital.  He was treated for scrapes, cuts, and bruises. (Continued)

A man in Mesa, Arizona was recently a victim of police misconduct.  This man and Attorney Anthony Ramirez are filing a claim against the Mesa Police Department.  If you believe you are victim of police misconduct in the state of Arizona, call My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation at 480-833-8000.

(Police Brutality story continued) The hospital staff informed the police that the man tested positive for methamphetamines, cocaine, THC, and alcohol. Anthony Ramirez, attorney at My AZ Lawyers, a former police officer, is representing Dombrowski.  After ordering the videos from the police body cameras and viewed the footage, Ramirez believes the police report is contradicting to what is on the video.  The officer did not record until after the initial encounter with Dombroski.  The police officer did not record with the body camera until after the first encounter with Dombrowski.  The body cams, however, store 30 seconds of silent video before the record button is actually turned on by the police.  It was this silent video that concerned attorney Ramirez.  “It’s our contention that the police officer knew what he was doing in not starting the video until about 25 seconds into his beating of my client,” comments Ramirez.  The footage, says Ramirez, presents an issue of excessive use of force. Ramirez said they are in the process of updating a notice of claim submitted by Dombrowski to the City of Mesa in September, in which he alleged that he was “abused, pushed into the ground, aggressed and manhandled for no good reason.”

*Winsor, Morgan.  “Arizona Man Claims Police Brutality After Body Camera Captures Officer Pushing Him to Ground.”  ABC15, 30 Dec. 2016.  Web.  2 May 2017.

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Sky Harbor Protests

Above:  ABC 15 News report*:  protesters at Sky Harbor airport, Phoenix, AZ, speak out against President Trump’s controversial immigration order.  My AZ Lawyer Anthony Ramirez at the Sky Harbor protest offering pro bono legal assistance to anyone who may have been locked up.  Fortunately, attorney Ramirez says the demonstration was peaceful.

*ABC15 Arizona.  “Protests Continue at Sky Harbor for Second Day.”  Online video clip. YouTube.  Youtube, 29 Jan 2017.  Web.  3 May 2017.