10 Tips to Avoid a DUI in Tucson

Prevent a DUI Conviction

1. Drink Responsibly — know your limit!   Know your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content)

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Use the BAC calculator on the app to determine your Blood Alcohol Content before you get behind the wheel.  

2. Make sure and all lights and turn signals function properly on your vehicle before driving.

3. Follow all traffic signals and rules of the road. Follow the posted speed limit and avoid driving too slow.
4. If you do get pulled over by the police; keep your hands on the steering wheel and pull over at a safe location in a timely manner. 
5. Provide the officer with drivers license, registration, proof of insurance, and avoid breathing directly at the officer  if you have consumed alcohol.
6. Be polite to the officer and only provide pertinent information. Do not provide any additional information to assist officer in DUI investigation.
7. Refuse to allow the officer to perform the horizontal gaze test (pen/eye test).
8. Refuse to take any other field sobriety tests, including the Walk and Turn test or One Leg Stand test. Field Sobriety Tests are voluntary and should be avoided at all costs.
9. Breath Test or Blood Alcohol Test – This is a difficult decision to make if stopped. Avoid the breath test if you believe yourself to be drunk. This will likely be the biggest single piece of evidence against you if you register a BAC of .08 or greater.
10. If charged, remain silent, avoid any further conversation with anyone, AND CALL AN EXPERIENCED CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER.  (520) 307-0020. MY AZ LAWYERS, PLLC

Defending a criminal defense case in Tucson takes a great knowledge of the Arizona criminal and DUI laws; from Arizona state and Tucson police procedures, current Arizona criminal case law, field sobriety testing in Arizona, and other prosecutor  procedures, to simple field sobriety testing and probable cause for arrest and detention. There are many factors involved in even the simplest of criminal defense cases.

Our trusted, low cost criminal defense attorneys will seek out the defense opportunities in your case and expand upon them to bring your case to court. Our Tucson DUI and Criminal Defense Firm has earned a strong reputation in Tucson, Pima County, and throughout Arizona for our exceptional abilities to defend all types of criminal charges, including: Possession, Under Age Consumption, DWI, DUI, Extreme DUI, and Super Extreme DUI charges.

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