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Were you recently arrested for drunk driving in Tucson, Pima County Arizona?  If so, you may have many questions about the legal proceedings ahead.  You don’t have to face these challenges alone.  Take advantage of the free consultation offered by the best DUI defense law firm in Tucson.  Talk to an attorney experienced in Tucson DUI cases in order to get some answers, options, and information regarding your specific arrest.

Our criminal defense team are willing to offer you a free case evaluation.  We offer free case evaluations either on-line, in office or by phone.  Once you receive your free, no obligation consultation, you can make an educated and informed decision about your legal future. When you give us the particulars surrounding your DUI case, a Mesa DUI attorney can help you understand exactly what consequences you may be facing.

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Our firm commonly meets with clients who have a DUI arrest and have a lot of questions: “Will I go to jail?” or “Is my case even worth fighting?” or ” Should I take a plea bargain?”  Get some piece of mind and prepare yourself for what is to come next by speaking to an attorney at My AZ Lawyers.  When a resident of Tucson or Pima County is arrested for DUI, he or she seeks out the best criminal defense / DUI attorney.

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