Charges Escalated Because of Prior Conviction

David Cassidy DUI ConvictionDavid Cassidy, famous for his role on the popular 70’s TV show “The Partridge Family,” was arrested for DWI in New York last week. It was Cassidy’s 2nd alcohol related offense.

Cassidy’s rental car was stopped as officers were conducting a DWI checkpoint, and Cassidy failed to dim his high-beam headlights for oncoming traffic. Officers note that that is one indication that a driver could be intoxicated is that they drive with headlights on high-beam. Allegedly, Cassidy had a .10 BAC when the arrest was made. The famous actor was charged with failure to dim headlights and a DWI (Driving while intoxicated).

Not His First Brush with the Law

The formal teen idol was sentenced for DUI as a first-time offender in February of 2011. The consequences for Cassidy’s 2011 arrest were: one year probation, his driver’s license was suspended for 6 months, he attended DUI school, paid fines, and served 50 hours of community service. Because of this former arrest, Cassidy now faces felony drunk driving charges. Cassidy was arrested for the second time in two years, and New York State law says if a person has been convicted of DWI within 10 years, a second offense will be charged as a felony. That often times means a driver’s license would be suspended for up to 6 months, jail time, fines, and a driver would be forced to install an ignition interlock device.

With multiple DUI arrest, Cassidy is facing an automatic felony charge. Cassidy didn’t fight the first DUI charge– he pleaded no contest. His first DUI happened in Florida, the second in New York. So if you get an out-of-state DUI, will the state in which you reside find out? Yes. Will it matter how the DUI charge is handled in New York given that Mr. Cassidy has a DUI on the record in Florida? Yes. The judge in New York will be aware of the DUI in Florida. It is likely that he will not only face the felony charge, but more severe jail time, probation, fines, community service, and license suspension.

Even the rich and famous can fall victim to DUI, DWI, and charges which require a criminal defense. If you are facing criminal charges in Arizona, it is important that you do not face these charges alone! Seek the assistance of an experienced Tucson Arizona criminal defense attorney. Don’t let future charges compound your troubles and the penalties that you may face. Fight for your rights and your freedom.

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