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Proven DUI Defense in Tucson, Arizona

Because of the serious consequences that come with a DUI conviction, it is necessary that you get the representation of an experienced, skilled lawyer who is knowledgable in Arizona DUI law. The attorneys at My AZ Lawyers know the process inside and out, so by looking over all details and evidence and questioning every step of the process, they are confident to secure the most successful result for each case. My AZ Lawyers have experience representing Arizona DUI cases and working the legal process.

DUI Defense in Tucson

My AZ Lawyers is dedicated to winning. You can trust our firm and team of experts to examine every detail of your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.  For example, our team will take a look at the accuracy of all breathalyzer, blood, and field sobriety tests that were administered. We will look at the circumstances under which you were arrested. Our attorneys will examine the equipment, the person/s that administer the tests or any other outside influences that could result in inaccurate results.

After analyzing the details of your case, we will finalize and execute a defense that will promote the best outcome for your case. A defense strategy will be developed by our expert attorneys specific to your case. My AZ Lawyers will ensure that you get legal protection and personalized representation.

Because of our firm’s experience in defending Arizona DUI cases, and because of our extensive knowledge of the Arizona DUI legal process, we have helped clients in Tucson beat DUI charges and assisted in defending various DUI charges.

if you need legal assistance with a DUI charge, extreme DUI, first , second or multiple offense DUI, felony DUI or underage DUI, call My AZ lawyers for assistance and help to avoid severe penalties.

In order to be charged with a DUI, typically in Arizona, there are various levels. Under the age of 21 your BAC cannot be higher than 0.00. It is zero tolerance. Over the age of 21, 0.08 is the minimum in order to be charged with a DUI. Similar to that, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer or a blood test, refusal is, on a first offense, an immediate one-year license suspension. On a second refusal, it is an immediate two-year license suspension and it is the same on your third refusal if you would do so.

The minimum jail time on a first offense is 24 hours; on a second offense, it is 30 days and there is no statutory minimum o n a third offense. There is a statute prohibiting pleading to anything less than a DUI offense or a wet traffic offense in Arizona. To move on into fines the first offense, the base DUI fine, is approximately $250. There’s a DUI surcharge typically applied of $200. There’s a probation surcharge of $10, a prison construction assessment of $500, Arizona extra DUI assessment of $500 and, as previously stated, a minimum of 24 hours in prison up to 10 days in prison, and your license suspension is typically suspended for 90 to up to one year. The court may also require an interlock system to be placed in your vehicle.

For a second offense, obviously, the fines increase. All of the initial previously stated surcharges double. Similar to that, your jail time increases to a minimum of 30 days in jail, maximum of 90 days in jail. There may be community restitution involved. Your license will be suspended for one year. Interlock may be required and you may be required to complete alcohol or other drug screening tests. Thereafter, on your third offense, fines are again doubled and the minimum jail time is approximately four months. The license suspension remains one year. Again, interlock may be required on your vehicle and you may also be required to complete alcohol or drug screenings.