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Contact our experienced TUCSON DUI Lawyers when you are charged with a DUI or with a crime in Tucson, Arizona.  It is crucial that you call a Tucson DUI lawyer immediately when arrested and charged with a DUI or other criminal offense. Time is of the essence: the longer you wait to consult with a Tucson DUI attorney, the more time the prosecutors and police have to build a case against you. Contact an experienced DUI attorney at My AZ Lawyers immediately in order to get information, options, and assistance with the Arizona criminal justice system.

A DUI conviction in Arizona is a serious matter. The DUI laws in Arizona promise extremely harsh consequences. Without experienced and effective legal representation, facing a DUI charge could mean expensive fines, jail time, a tarnished reputation, and a DUI on your permanent record.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for premium Criminal Defense and DUI Representation.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tucson offer free consultations $500 Down Starts Your Case!  CALL (480) 833-8000.  Free Consultations either in office or over the phone.  Set an appointment with our Tucson DUI Lawyers now.  Our experienced defense attorneys will give you a free, confidential case evaluation and advise you of the options available to you regarding your defense.

A DUI in Tucson can change your life forever.  You need the best DUI lawyers representing you.  Without trusted representation, you could pay for this unfortunate mistake for a long time.

Don’t face a DUI in Arizona unrepresented. 

When it comes to drunk driving our society (and the State of Arizona) has gradually become tougher on DUI and DWI offenses over the years. If you are facing drunk driving charges, call our Tucson DUI Attorneys’ office today.  Get a qualified expert on your side right away.  Don’t wait to seek representation as time is of the essence when it comes to fighting a drunk driving charge.