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If you are looking for Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers, look no further than My AZ Lawyers. Our trained professionals can help you get back on track financially. Schedule a case evaluation today!

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My AZ Lawyers help clients in Tucson get out of debt.  Our firm understands that despite a person’s  best efforts to get a handle on debt, sometimes it is just to overwhelming. Many times happenings in our life are out of our control. Sometimes as a result of our circumstances are medical bills, emergencies, job loss, or credit card debt.

  • ERASE unsecured DEBT if you don’t have the income or the assets to make the payments to creditors.
  • END any form of contact by a creditor.  Yes, the non-stop, harassing phone calls must desist once a bankruptcy is filed and an automatic stay is in place.
  • HELP you SAVE YOUR HOME if you are behind on house payments.
  • NEGOTIATE on your behalf or compromise to reduce your debt.
  • DEFEND your rights and litigate your case if you are being sued on debt.
  • ASSIST you if you would like to explore DEBT SETTLEMENT with creditors.

Interested in taking control over your debt, instead of your debt controlling your life?

Filing for bankruptcy may be the best option for dealing with your debt problems. The experienced staff and expert lawyers at My AZ Lawyers can provide immediate assistance to help you work out your financial situation. Our attorneys will assess your case and determine the best option for debt relief.  You are able to make better decisions about your financial future when you have all the information, options, and professional help. My AZ Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers will help stop wage garnishments, forecloses, and bank levies, and offer debt-relief assistance.

Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start; My AZ Lawyers will advocate for you before, during and after bankruptcy.  Our Tucson bankruptcy law firm will provide a FREE pre-bankruptcy CONSULTATION in order to advise you of all options per your financial situation.  Stop harassing phone calls and most other collection attempts by creditors by retaining the services of our Tuscon Bankruptcy lawyers.

With you at every step of the bankruptcy process, My AZ Lawyers staff with discuss with you all options, determine the best course of action in which to best represent your case, and complete the process in order to solve your financial problems. My AZ Lawyers have experienced bankruptcy case lawyers who will represent you and/or your business in court, and insure that your creditors respect your discharge, then help you to rebuild your credit.